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Mirage Tactical Furniture



About Us

Meet Jason Crago, the Mad Scientist Lumberjack that invented Mirage Tactical Furniture in Mooresville, North Carolina. Unlike the hipsters, Jason is an actual Lumberjack by trade and used to build log homes for a living. The concept for Mirage Tactical Custom Concealed Furniture was born the day his twins were. It took a few years to gain momentum, as Ava and Will are older now. Today Mirage Tactical is a rapidly growing company specializing in quick and easy access to personal firearms. Jason is an advocate of preparation in order to protect your home and children from intruders.
Jason “Lumberjack” Crago is fast becoming an internet sensation with his viral videos about his 100% original creations and his trademark wit. For example he likes to ward off burglars by saying ''I lock my doors to protect YOU!''
He can build anything, is always coming up with new ideas and likes a good challenge. The newest addition to the collection of custom furniture designs is ''America's Whiskey Barrel''’ which has never been done before. These innovative designs not only decorate your home but they keep you and your family safe. The additional biometric lock ensures that it is also safe from tiny hands while maintaining the necessity of having easy access to your firearm. Lumberjack is passionate about guns, inventing, building, football, his dog ''Beretta'', supporting our men & women in uniform, being an American, and most importantly - being a good Dad.

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