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Mosquito Shield of Mooresville



About Us

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. That’s true with Mosquito Shield’s approach to our products. With 20 years’ experience developing our blend of all-natural oils, we use these oils and select EPA-registered control products for 3-pronged mosquito control:
1. Mask: Mosquitoes are attracted to breathing. Our proprietary mosquito product masks the CO2 you exhale so they can’t find you.
2. Repel: Our blend of natural oils irritates mosquitoes’ senses, driving them away. Regular visits and applications prevent mosquitoes and ticks from entering your yard.
3. Kill: We kill mosquitoes using select control products. The products we use, how much we use and when we apply them is an important job we don’t take lightly. With our Tailored Treatment System™ we use as little as necessary based on weather and mosquito population to control your property’s mosquitos

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