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Adapt Performance & Training



About Us

We Help Athletes, Active Adults, and Fitness Enthusiasts In The Lake Norman Area Stay Pain Free and Fit While Doing What They Love. Without Pain Meds, Injections, Or Unnecessary Surgeries.
Our ADAPT Program differs from your traditional personal training or fitness plan because we require a more thorough evaluation for every single person prior to training. You will be assessed by a doctor and paired with the right trainer and program that matches your body, movement patterns and fitness goals.
And we don't stop there! Throughout your training, you will go through ADAPT reassessments at milestones in order to make adjustments as your body learns new movement patterns, gains strength and decreases pain points.

''We help athletes, active adults, and fitness enthusiasts in the lake norman area take control of their physical and mental health by applying a multidisciplinary whole-body approach''

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