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Crush It Coliseum



About Us

The Crush It Coliesum was an idea we had for a while. It took a global shut down to put it into motion. When gyms shut down in 2020, we began our task of scouring the nation for unique and only the best of the best equipment to include in this amazing facility. Hours of searching, locating, refurbishing, and building out our first official location has culminated into what you see today. Quality and experience is at the top of our list with everything that we do. You'll notice right when you walk in, the detail that has been put into the custom Coliseum artwork that is throughout the facility. The CRUSH IT® motto, largely placed on the main wall to serve as a reminder of why we are here. We pay homage to our country and to the individuals who sacrifice everyday for our Freedom with commemorative flags lining the walls of the gym. The hand picked and custom equipment has been carefully chosen to ensure you have many options to CRUSH your workouts. We are excited to be here and we are excited to have you as a part of our CRUSH IT® Community!


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