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Perfect Pups, LLC

Perfect Pups, LLC


About Us

Perfect Pups, LLC is a full-service, one-on-one dog grooming salon. We work with breeds of all types and sizes!


  • Full-service, one-on-one dog grooming salon


Tbow had a full groom. He loves to go to the beach during the summer, so he says goodbye to his fluffs and floofs until the winter!
Bandit enjoyed his warm bath and de-shed today. It is shedding season, so it was much needed!
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Look at this cutie, Mr. Levi! I enjoyed grooming him... I love working with your pups!
Miss Mia after her bath…what a beautiful pup!  It’s time to remove your dog’s winter coat! Spring is the perfect time for a bath and de-shed.
Playtime! After his groom, Tucker wanted to play for a few minutes before his mom came to pick him up. I’m so lucky to be able to spend my days with dogs!
Before - What a transformation! This beautiful girl, Tracks, is feeling fresh and ready for summer!
What a transformation! This beautiful girl, Tracks, is feeling fresh and ready for summer!
Summer is almost here! Belle, a beautiful poodle, is ready to play!
Bella loves coming to be groomed because she knows it’s more than just that! She always gets to start her appointment with lots of belly rubs…she rolls over and waits for them!
River is now ready for summer…and for it to stop raining!
This is Miss Ellie. I think she said, “thanks for haircut … where’s my treat?!"
Everyone, meet Lorelai! She is the newest addition to my family and we’re so in love already…although she may not 100% love the frequent baths that come with being a groomers dog.
Meet Maverick! He is such a playful pup! He said, “Hurry we have to play before my mom comes to pick me up!”
Meet Pecos (right). It was his first time visiting a groomer. His sister, Oaklee, was right there with him the whole time. She loves him!
Look out ladies, Mr. Biscuit has been groomed! I think he knows he’s a handsome pup!
Mini came in to be pampered for her party! It was her birthday. She went home expecting some new toys and tasty treats!
Piper and Neo came in for a visit. They are such beautiful dogs!
Dutch’s favorite part is the treat he gets after his bath. Spa day is good!
Hi, I’m Blue, a handsome doodle. I hope my silly face makes you smile!
This is my pup, Lorelai, enjoying her Labor Day weekend at Oak Island. She was a sandy mess, but she had a great time! Of course, she had a nice, warm bath at the salon when she got home. She’s such a great pup!
Griffy says “Have a great weekend and hello fall!”.

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