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About Us

Wrap It Today specializes in on-site shrink-wrapping services for Residential, Marine, Industrial, Commercial, Storage, and Transportation applications. Shrink-wrapping is the most effective and efficient method of product preservation available. When applied, shrink-wrap provides a remarkable protective cover around an object. The finished product offers a form-fitting barrier that affords complete protection even under the most adverse environmental conditions.

Wrap It Today provides our customers with exceptional service and high-quality materials. We are committed to giving you the personal attention you deserve and affordable shrink-wrapping solutions. We are passionate about building strong customer relationships, increasing customer engagement, and ensuring repeat business.


Greensboro Country Club
Greensboro Country Club
Ballantyne Country Club
Personal Boat Denver, NC
Birkdale Residents Club
NC Transportation Museum
NC Transportation Museum
Freight Transportation/Storage
Personal Boat, Lake Norman
Sensitive Equipment Protection
Construction Application
Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment (Wrapped)

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